Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Art & Wine Event Invitation on 18th March

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Fiano wine made just for Sushi!

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Monte Dei Cocci Fiano 2014
Monte Dei Cocci Fiano 2014
Suggested price ¥2,900
Discount 20%
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(Tax included ¥2,506)
Free shipping with the purchase of 4 bottles or more - Order a case (12 bottles) and get an additional 10% discount.

Dear Friends:

Spring is here! If you're like me, you probably enjoyed viewing the Sakura in the park while eating and drinking with friends. It's one of those simple pleasures we all enjoy about living in Japan.
Let me tell you about a little discovery I made over the Hanami season. A discovery that surprised even someone like me who has lived in Japan nearly 25 years. The discovery was....Fiano and sushi!
I know, many of you think that nothing goes better with slices of raw fish than a nice dry beer or a bottle of sake, but imagine my pleasant surprise when I washed down my serving of tuna with this fantastic bottle of Monte Dei Cocci Fiano!
I'm a big fan of the Puglia region of Italy. Known for it's amazing seafood and fresh produce, the Pugliese know how to produce a wine that brings out the best of fish and sea urchin. I promise you, if you like wine and you like sushi, you will LOVE this Fiano.
I've discount this wine 20%, but I strongly suggest you get 4 or more bottles to get the FREE shipping. And if you order a case, I'll discount your order another 10%. This is a fantastic value for this quality of wine. Throw a bottle in the fridge for your next sushi dinner or picnic. Make the Monte Dei Cocci Fiano 2014 your 2016 Spring and Summer wine!
Tony Torres
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Moving On Up!

To all three of my regular readers. The Crankee Blog is moving. I decided to upgrade the blog and move it to my own server. I will not be updating the site any longer. If you wish to continue reading all things Crankee please go directly to . Asalam Ma lakum, No ham, no bacon.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I may have mentioned before that I rode across the Japanese alps last month with two other friends. We met up with a Japanese TV crew and they proceeded to interview us. Our segment was cut down to only a few seconds, but hey, it was my brush with Japanese fame. I've edited the show down to 2 minutes. Our part is towards the end. Enjoy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Yuki's Purple Ride

Yuki and her new ride

The beautiful Yuki (featured in the Nagoya Love Wheels Calendar as Miss. January) recently picked up her new ride at Circles Bike Shop. The frame is a standard Omnium track frame by Giant. The crank set is a SRAM Omnium. Shin Tanaka of Circles did the custom paint job himself. A nice two tone purple paint job with masking tape. It really changes the whole look of the bike and you can tell from Yuki's smile that she just loves it. Yuki plans to race her new bike in next month's Bang King track race at the Ishikawa Uchinada Velodrome. Good luck Purple Mama!

Sram Omnium Crank set

Circles Logo

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The cycling Egg

Tama5 (Tamago)

The Circles Bike shop is fast becoming a way station for touring cyclists passing through Nagoya City. Over the last few months I've met several there, and today I had the pleasure of bumping into Tama5 (pronounced "Tamago" which means "egg" in Japanese). He kicked off his two month tour a few days ago in Chiba prefecture near Tokyo and plans to cycle down to Osaka, around the Kyushu island, up the coast of the Sea of Japan until he reaches Toyama prefecture before making his way down to Matsumoto then over to Tokyo. Quite an impressive task when you consider that's he's doing it on a fixed gear bike. He's outfitted his Surly Steamroller with a touring trailer where he hauls his essential, tent and a supply of bike stickers bearing his unusual logo which looks like a guy with his head up his ass. See for yourself.

His logo...Don't ask

Tama5 seemed like a fun and easygoing character. He represents what I consider to be a trend in cycling and lifestyle in Japan. More young people are opting to work and save many to allow them time off for these types of excursions. This is a positive development and I welcome it. No cross-country cycling tour would be complete without a blog, and Tama5 has got one too. If you're in any of the cities on his itinerary, be sure to give him a hearty welcome.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My fashion shoot

For all my readers who think I'm a sell-out and just another over-rated bearded bike blogger, here is the confirmation you've been waiting for. Yours truly is currently featured in Simple Bicycle Style #4. (a popular Japanese cycling fashion magazine for people who insist on making the iron donkey a fashion statement) You can see me demonstrating the awesomeness of my BBQ bike as well as modeling my stained cycling hood. Look out for my nude spread in the next issue of Saddle Sore Quarterly.

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