Monday, November 30, 2009

New Circles Bike shop location and kick off party

Nagoya's favorite bicycle shop Circles quietly closed the doors to its Fukiage shop last night and began preparations for the re-opening of the shop at a larger and better location in the Higashi Betsuuin section of Nagoya. Come join us to celebrate Circles' 3rd year in business as well as the opening of the new shop on December 3rd. The party will be held Thursday the 3rd at cafe a che pa'ti in Higashi Betsuuin (Do a google search for directions to the cafe) Party starts at 7pm, Fee:¥1500(with 2 drinks & food). We plan to have performances by SOUL ORGAN BOGALOO & びちょぬれアイドル as well as DJ Hirotaka Katoh. Hope to see you all there!

New Circles location as of December 3rd

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nagoya Chicks on bikes! 2010 Cycling Calendar

The ever active and pretty Riebo is busy putting the finishing touches to the Love Wheels Nagoya - 2010 Bicycle Calendar. The calendar will feature pictures of some of our local girls posing suggestively with their bicycles. These calendars are sure to sell fast (I've reserved a few copies for myself). Riebo included a section on the back of the calendar for sponsor ads. One spot is only 5000 YEN (about $50) and you get two free copies of the calendar. There are still a few spots left, so if you have a business or website you'd like to promote in Japan (or abroad...we think this baby is going to be popular all over the map), email Riebo at and reserve your spot. Deadline for ads is November 30.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vandal Cargo backpack: Keg to go

As if I didn't have enough bags (back packs, messenger bags, tote bags, leather bags, sports bags, bags bags bags). I once tried counting the number of bags in my storage room, it made me depressed. Just one week after my latest bag purchase Vandal comes out with this new Cargo Backpack. It's ridiculous really. I mean, who the hell needs to lug around a small beer keg? Besides me. My palms are starting to sweat now, but I am NOT going to buy this friggin bag. Enough already. What am I turning into? Some aging hipster bag hoarder?

Say it ain't so

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wipe Out!

Riding back home alone yesterday afternoon after the BBQ I hit a concrete excrescence on route 19 and faster than you can say "Fuck" I was on the ground tasting some of Nagoya City's finest Asphalt. I can't explain how it happened, I can't even remember much after it happened. All I know is that I got up quickly and staggered over to the sidewalk to check for damages, on the bike, not me. The leather handle bar strap was ripped, I noticed a deep scratch on my wrist and felt pain on my right knee. But I knew that I wouldn't become fully aware of my physical damage until the next day, so I got back on the saddle and rode over to Circle's bike shop to have Makoto san fix my handle bar strap. This morning I took inventory and counted 8 bruises and cuts on my leg, hip, arm and shoulder. This is only my second spill on a bike in the last 5 years. I'm still getting used to riding my new track bike and the awkward riding position places the center of gravity further forward than my road bike. In addition, my Surly Steamroller is much lighter than a road bike and this makes it easy to fly forward through the air like a crazed gymnast whenever you hit a pothole. Did I mention how many people approached me to offer assistance? Zero. That's cool. I probably wouldn't approach me either.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

BBQ Ride to Tokai City

Just a quick note that Riebo is organizing a ride out to Tokai City tomorrow (Sunday). Meeting time is 9:30 AM at Circles bike shop. Here's a map of the route. Planned events include a BBQ and welding workshop. Fee is ¥600. See you there.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Yellow man and the iron donkey

Living in Japan, or just about anywhere in the far east, you get used to bicycles. Whether it's the sandy streets of Phuket, the crowded alleys of Shanghai or the glossy avenues of Nagoya City; Asians and bicycles go together like dim and sum. Yet lately, I've noticed a change in the attitude my Asian brothers display toward the iron donkey. No longer a utilitarian device, the bicycle is now an accepted fashion statement, a luminescent neon sign that screams "I have a lifestyle". And as with any lifestyle, you get the cliques, logos, rules and memos. I'm actually enjoying watching the evolution of cycling culture in Japan, and you's a good thing.