Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vandal Cargo backpack: Keg to go

As if I didn't have enough bags (back packs, messenger bags, tote bags, leather bags, sports bags, bags bags bags). I once tried counting the number of bags in my storage room, it made me depressed. Just one week after my latest bag purchase Vandal comes out with this new Cargo Backpack. It's ridiculous really. I mean, who the hell needs to lug around a small beer keg? Besides me. My palms are starting to sweat now, but I am NOT going to buy this friggin bag. Enough already. What am I turning into? Some aging hipster bag hoarder?

Say it ain't so


  1. that is awesome! i hope that bike is light

  2. Its amazing. I believe it would be very easy to carry. I have a back pack to carry all my needed stuff during my cycling, which I bought it from Hydrapak. But never carried this type of back pack ever before.