Monday, March 16, 2009

The Great Penis Festival Ride

Yesterday's ride to the Annual Tagata Shrine Penis festival went swell. The NUTs cycling group rode up to the Shrine with a short food stop by the old Nagoya airport runway to watch a jet land. The festival was crowded and boisterous as usual and things penis-like were well represented. Next Friday the group is riding down to Chita for an overnight stay at a seaside inn. Items on the menu that night include beer and fugu (poisonous puffer fish, yum!) I've uploaded more videos from the event on my YouTube page. See the right side for links to the page.


  1. I enjoyed it.
    let's Ride together next time.!!

    mata isshoni asobimasho!

  2. It was happy!!
    The weather was also good, and the bicycle is highest♪

    Moreover, let's play together.