Monday, June 8, 2009

Biking & BBQing

Here it is! At last, my strangest creation...the BBQ Bike! I installed a small propane gas BBQ grill onto my Surly bike rack. Took it out to the park for a test run. The results were: Delicious!


  1. Looks liek a nice try. Does it cook a little slow? How long do the two tanks las?

  2. Cooks quite fast once it gets hot. I was able to cook all of the food for two people in less than 45 mins. The gas can last about 2 or 3 hours depending on use.

  3. does it melt the tires?
    what about the fuel combusting and exploding during a crash??

  4. Hey Binny. The tires won’t melt. The attachment I made leaves enough space for air to circulate between the grill and rack. As for the gas containers, I never ride with them attached (I keep them safely in my back pack). I attach the canisters when I’m ready to cook. See the Shishka-bike in action here:


  5. That is awesome! I am planning to buy a bike this month...I hope I run into to you! =)