Monday, December 21, 2009

Love Wheels Calendars Have arrived!

Finally, what many of my male readers (all 4 of them) have been waiting for has arrived! I've just received shipment of the Love Wheels Nagoya 2010 Cycling Calendar. You may recall that I wrote about my friend Rie who was working on a picture calendar featuring many of the cutest girls in our cycling group posing in fun and sexy outfits. The Love Wheels Nagoya Calendar won't disappoint anyone who enjoys the perfect combination of Asian beauties and bicycles. You can order your copy of the calendar from the Crankee Store. Supplies are limited and given the number of horny, lonely cyclist, we don't expect inventory to last long. Order today!



  2. mica. i likee. any other pics of her?

  3. well, you can add a fifth male reader to your list :)

    is it possible to order from Japan (I saw that the price is only in $)

    Not sure my wife would appreciate but hey... ;-)