Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nagoya to Kyoto in a Day!

Wasn't sure what I was getting into when I agreed to join the Love Wheels Nagoya Calendar Girls for a ride to Kyoto city from Nagoya. After all, it's only 45 minutes on the Bullet train right? Well, what takes 45 minutes on a super fast locomotive took us 15 hours on a mixture of road, touring and fixed gear bicycles. I've cycled across France so I'm no novice to long distance cycling, but 15 hours on the saddle (even if it's a Brooks saddle) is just inhumane. When we finally arrived at the Kyoto guest house at 9:00 PM, we had just enough energy in us to soak up at the bath house and grab a quick bite before passing out on our futons. Needless to say, I will never try that again.

5:00 AM early start and no idea what awaited us.

Crossing the Kiso River

Mmmm. A quick mid morning snack.

Justin & Señor Crankee

A little bicycle CPR

Maki trying to fly to Kyoto

A late night stop at a popular cycling cafe in Kyoto

Breakfast: Brown rice and veggie curry

Contemplating the day's ride

Cutie Emi posing in front of the guest house

Riding the streets of Kyoto

Stopping for directions

A nice little fixer-upper

One of many temples in Kyoto

Unique cycling shoes in the fashion of Japanese Jikatabi shoes

Sou Sou le coq sportif cycling fashion shop

Two Kyoto beauties waiting to enter a restaurant

The youngest member of the group: Keisuke celebrates his 17th birthday

Kyoto, land of the geishas


  1. From the picture "Stopping for directions" I am now convinced that after I die, I want to come back as woman's bicycle seat...

    Dr. McLovin

  2. Where in Kyoto is PaperSky? and where can I find those cycling shoes?

  3. The more I come back here the more I'm impressed with you blog. Wow, it is really good and you sure do make sure that it looks good as well. Nicely done. I see that you've got a nomination in for Crank....I hope your fans come out and nominate you more so that you're in as one of the top 5 for the voting round. I'm going to nominate you right now.


  4. Thanks for being our bodyguard, we made it! Yaaaaay!:D
    We're planning another bike trip♥let's have crazy ride again. Let's go!
    My p***y still hurts...

  5. Can I join the next trip?

  6. Hello Ottrot. Actually, the name of the shop that sells the shoes is Sou Sou. They have a Japanese web site here

    Here's a link to a map,135.767705&spn=0.00149,0.003484&z=19&iwloc=A

  7. Yes. Great pics and a great vibe - again! (Now I know why you looked so relaxed)