Monday, September 21, 2009

Alley Cat Surprise

Last Monday night the NUTs group held the monthly alley cat race in downtown Nagoya City. I expected to see the usual bike nuts eager to ride and drink afterward. Little did I know that we would be joined by about 100 fellow cyclist from around the world! To make a long story short, Izuru san organized a group ride of about 100 visiting cyclist in Japan for the CMWC event in Tokyo (Cycle Messenger World Championships). The group met in Kyoto and rode up to Nagoya Monday night in time for our Alley Cat race. I had never seen such a large group of smelly, tired and jet lagged cyclist in my life. I was immediately conscripted as an interpreter/organizer. Many of the guest cyclists joined in the evening's race and met at Cafe Palwr. We helped organize sleeping arrangements for those who needed it. I really enjoyed meeting so many fellow cyclist from just about every continent I can name. The next morning the group was off on their journey to Tokyo for the big event. I hope they made it all there safely. I won't be in Tokyo for the CMWC event, but we have a couple local guys racing and I'll be rooting for them.

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