Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bang King 2009 - A banging success

Just back last weekend from the Bang King Track bike race in Kanazawa City. It was great seeing a lot of my Nagoya cycling friends and even managed to make a few new friends. Though the race is rather laid back and friendly, we had two people there who proved to be serious contenders and good sports. On the Dude side was an Aussie named Rob who just only started racing less than a year ago. He was quite impressive and left everyone behind in the sprint races. Rob eventually won the whole shebang and took home a track bike and messenger bag for his effort. On the femenina side was a Japanese lady who turned out to be a semi pro track cyclist. I missed her race but I heard she took home top prizes too. Over all the event was fun and we all got to enjoy a nice BBQ at a local beach campsite. I'm really impressed by how the local cyclists go out of their way to cultivate a friendly and fun cycling culture that lacks the usual pretentiousness of hipster cycle chic. It seems like Tokyo and Nagoya are the two cities helping to define what cycling is in Japan and leading the way in showing people how to have fun on two wheels. I look forward to partaking in more cycling events with my Japanese pedal freaks in the near future.

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