Monday, January 11, 2010

Purrrfect combination

Hello Kitty

It seems that the only thing that will distract a cycling enthusiast more than a sparkling new Vanilla track bike is a hot Asian girl riding one. Which is a good thing since it means I'll be selling more Nagoya Love Wheels 2010 calendars, which incidentally have been selling like mad. In the last two weeks, I've shipped calendars to Finland, Thailand, and every place in between. Just about every continent now has a copy of the Love Wheels Nagoya Calendar. Local cycling beauty Emi (pictured above) has told me that she will not bathe until every bike pedaling primate has ordered a copy of the calendar and slobbered all over her photo (she's miss March by the way). Still lots in stock. So do us all a favor and help Emi clean up her act. Order your Calendar now!

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