Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Japanese anti-theft bicycle device

Fido & Strida

On my way back home I stopped cycling for a moment to have a closer look at a Strida Bicycle (aka The Testicle Crusher) leaning against a pole. I approached the triangular specimen much like Jane Goodall approaches chimps, when suddenly I was startled by white scrawny looking dog that was tied to the bike. I hadn't noticed the Bike Mutt, since he was leaning low on the ground trying to blend in with the fauna. My command of dog dialect is a bit rusty, but I gathered from his raspy bark and display of teeth that he didn't want me anywhere near the damn bike. Naturally I obliged. I took my photo and hauled ass. I found it interesting that the $800 bicycle was not actually locked to the pole. The only thing protecting that bike from theft was old snaggle tooth and his bark. I think the Japanese are on to something. After all, we use dogs to protect our homes, why not lock them to our bikes too?


  1. "The testicle crusher" - "leaning against a pole"?!!

    Survived the ashcloud between Chicago and here as one of the first and now this...
    Any bike/alleycat dates in June or July yet?
    (I´ll bring the folding bike.)


  2. We've got alleys cats scheduled for June 19th and July 17th. Hope you can make it!