Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tomohiro, the traveling man

I met Tomohiro Kanamaru a few days ago at the Circles Bike shop. The young slightly tall Japanese approached me as I grilled a few hot dogs on the back of my bike. He ordered a dog with mustard and handed me his name card along with ¥200. As he ate my wiener, I took a moment to read his name card. Just below his email address he detailed how he is traveling around Japan learning all he can about food and hopes one day to have a job that is connected with his love for things culinary. A man after my own heart. Tomohiro is living the dream. The young man saved some cashed and several weeks ago set out from Tokyo with a year long mission to travel all over the land of Yamato and experience the life of a two-wheeled vagabond. I envied him. And to show my admiration, I gave him a second helping of mustard for this hot dog. Tomohiro keeps a blog of his travels which he updates with his mobile phone. Young Tomohiro is one of the reasons I love this country. To see people drop everything, pick up a bike and cycle with no real plan in mind fills me with hope for the future. It is for this very reason that I love cycling. For every time I place foot to pedal, I know that I will meet someone with an interesting story to tell. Or at least someone who has figured out a new way to take their pet along for a ride.

Living the dream, one bark at a time
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  1. Great post. I just came across your blog and I love to find other cyclists who love the bike and share their experiences. Keep up the great writing and riding.